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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and it is also one of the most vulnerable. Nature and time can cause it to need replacing, and it is critical for homeowners to know when their roofs
may be at that point. Fortunately, there are clear indicators that a roof may be ready for replacement if you know what to look for and where to look. Below are seven signs it may be time for a new roof for your home.

1. You Find Granules in Gutters

Asphalt shingles are protected by a coating of fine, mineral granules. These granules guard the shingles against ultraviolet light and other external factors that can cause damage. If you notice these sand-like
granules accumulating in your gutters, then you can suspect that your roof is probably damaged and will need replacing.

2. You Observe Cracking or Curling Shingles

Another sign that your roof may need replacing is the presence of curling or cracking shingles. Curling and cracking are indicators the shingles have dried out and are losing their ability to protect against moisture intrusion. Rain can be blown underneath the edges of curled shingles, and cracks will permit water to seep through into the underlayment, which is the tar-paper layer that covers the plywood roof decking.

3. You See Signs of Damage on the Underside of Your Roof

Take a look at the underside of your roof on a periodic basis to see if any signs of damage are present. If your roof surface no longer provides adequate protection and water finds its way through the shingles,
then the damage may appear as damp, dark spots on the roof decking. Go into your attic with a flashlight and carefully inspect the plywood for this sign of moisture intrusion.

Next, turn off the flashlight and look at the seams between the plywood sheets. If you notice light shining through the seams, then you can also be sure there are substantial problems with your roof’s capability to protect your home.

4. You Notice Flashing Separation or Damage

The metal strips that form seams between shingles and rooftop structures such as chimneys and vents are known as flashing. If the flashing is bent, dented, or separated from the shingles or adjacent structures,
then your roof may need replacing. Flashing that is damaged also indicates a concern about the condition of the remainder of your roof.

5. You Spot Missing Shingles

An obvious sign of trouble is missing or lost shingles from your rooftop. It doesn’t take long for missing shingles to cause trouble, either. Even if you aren’t able to see the underlayment, shingles are arranged in
such a manner that one or two missing shingles can permit water intrusion-never ignore even a single missing shingle, as it is a sure sign that water will work its way into your roof structure at some point.

6. You Experience a Severe Storm

A roof can suffer permanent damage in just a few minutes of severe weather. Hail is notorious for causing damage to roofs by stripping away the granules and beating up flashing. Other severe weather, including ice storms and high winds, can damage your roof to the point where replacement is necessary.

If your location experiences a period of severe weather, then you can suspect that your roof may be damaged and will need to be inspected by a roofing professional.

7. You Discover Your Roof Is Older Than 20 Years

If you move into a new home, one of the most important steps you should take is finding out the age of the roof. While this step is often part of the standard selling and buying process in most states, be sure you
know what year the roof was installed. Once it passes the two decade point, you should begin making preparations for replacing it. Every roof will need replacing at some point, and you do not want to risk
damaging your home by keeping an old roof past its useful life.


Use the information in this blog to ensure that your roof gets replaced when necessary. If you have any questions, contact Mid-Miami Roofing, Inc.