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The temperature is dropping, the wind is whipping and you may even see a flake or two flying through the sky. Winter is coming – or maybe it’s here already – and that means you need to get your house ready. The winter months bring a variety of weather conditions that can affect your home. Along with the freezing rain, cold temps and snow, your roof may also have to endure a few extra issues over the course of the season.

From those twinkle lights that you try to string from the rooftop to insulation issues that can make or break your home heating bill, your roof has sizable winter needs. Whether you still have weeks of fall warmth left or the winter is already here, you still have time to make some changes, repairs and preparations.

There’s no time like the present. And your roof will thank you for all your hard work by standing up to the season. What do you need to know about getting your roof ready for the winter? Take a look at these top tips.

Inspect Your Roof

Look up. What do you see? Are the shingles missing or curling? Are there cracks or bare patches? When winter hits and the snow accumulates, missing or cracked shingles could cause a leak. Keep in mind, you should leave the on-the-roof inspections to the pros. Getting up on your rooftop (especially if it’s rainy or snowy out) is a major safety hazard. Roofing contractors have the know-how and the equipment to go onto your roof safely.

If there are problem spots on your roof, now is the time to fix them. Don’t assume that the freezing temperatures will create an ice barrier that will keep your roof safe. At some point, that ice will melt. When it does you’ll be in for trouble. Fixing any issues that your roof has now adds an extra layer of winter protection.

Clean the Gutters

Don’t forget about your gutters. They help your roof to function properly and stop excess water from coming in.

Those colorful autumn leaves may have looked pretty. But now that they’re falling, they’re ending up in your gutters. If your home has trees surrounding it, leaves that fall onto the roof can blow downwards and clog your gutters. Not only can this debris block rainwater or melting snow from going where it should, but it can also add extra to weight to already stressed gutters.

Go into the winter with a clean slate, and make sure to clear all the fall leaves (and any other debris) from your gutters.

Attic Issues

Do you have attic ventilation? If not, condensation can accumulate – even in the winter. Now is the time when many homeowners start insulating away. You want to save money on your winter heating bills, so make sure that empty spaces (such as your attic) have adequate insulation.

While adding insulation can stop the heat from getting out, this isn’t always a positive thing. Yes, it can save you money on your electric or gas bills. But if you don’t combine extra insulation with proper ventilation, you’re running the risk of creating a condensation problem. The moisture can cause mold to grow on the roof supports and can even rot some of the underlying wood.

If you don’t have proper ventilation, a roofing pro can add vents and make sure that moisture doesn’t become an issue.

Holiday Displays

You’re dressing up the house for the holidays. This includes adding rooftop twinkle lights. Avoid hanging lights on your roof, gutters or wooden trim with a nail gun. Sure, the nails will keep the lights secure. But they’ll also leave behind holes. Avoid damaging your roof by using plastic clips instead of nails or staples, and make sure to choose ones that are specifically made for roof use.

Do you need help getting your roof ready for the winter? Mid-Miami Roofing, Inc., can help.